Command Line Interface

Command Line Usage

If starting crystal-facet-uml from command line, there are a couple of options, call crystal-facet-uml -h for a list.

To run consistency checks, use the -t option:

crystal-facet-uml -t my_database_file.cfu1 || echo "ERROR $?"

To repair the database, use the -r option.

Storing data in a version control system

To store a database in a version control system (vcs) like svn or git, store the json file format *.cfuJ to your vcs.

  • Note that this feature requires at least version 1.35.0, better version 1.39.0 to work smoothly.

  • Do not synchronize the file with your vcs while you modify it at the same time; save your changes first and re-open the json file afterwards.

  • In case of merge conflicts in *.cfuJ files, note that uuid strings do uniquely identify all json objects. Relations between objects are defined by these uuid strings. In contrast to uuids, integer-id can be changed as long as they are unique among all objects of same type within the file.